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This version of software is being provided to the KP Astrologer community on free of charge basis for personal as well as professional use and may be distributed freely. If you are installing KP StarOne for the first time on your Computer or if you want to re-install it due to some problem, then you will need to download the Full Installer, otherwise you should download only the latest Update patch to update your existing version(applicable to version 6.7.22 onwards).

We believe that the best way to ensure excellence is to have regular feedback and communication with the you. To obtain feedback and valuable suggestion from learned users, a software registration process has been introduced. This will also enable us to intimate you about the release of Major Updates.

The program can be used for 10 days without Registration key, but the same shall be needed after 10 days. Express Registration provided in earlier version of software has been discontinued. Now, All users including previous users are required to register thru KPStarOne website only. You need not remember your Compuer ID or Activation Key, which are now available throgh portal.

New Users

If You are installing KPStarOne for the first time or if you want to re-install it due to some problem, then please click on the link below to download New KPStarOne Full installer Version (Do not worry about security certificate about this download). You may install the software directly by clicking on the "Run" instead of saving the Setup file and then installing it. You will need to obtain online Registration key to use the software within 30 days of installation, which is absolutely free.

The KPStarOne (Version 6.7.27 onwards) has the PDF output support for most of the screens. The Module on Sub-lord changes during the day has been enhanced and improved with new feature "Today's RPs Sign-star-sublord changes", which besides displaying the Ruling Planet changes during the day, also has tables for Sign-Star-Sub changes during the day for various Cusps as well as Planets . There is module on "Theory of Short Prediction(TSP) propounded by Dr.K.R.Kar with the module designed by Prof. Andrew Dutta ". There is also a module on 4-Step Significators developed under the guidance of Sh. Sunil Gondhalekar ji, the propounder of 4-Step Theory. Besides these, the easier to use interface, Dasa Navigator and and Automatic Software Update Management is also there.

While installing do not worry about security certificate, the software is safe and has been tested for virus and malware.  You may install the software directly by clicking on the "Run" instead of saving the Setup file and then later installing it.

Please make a backup of existing charts database before starting installation.

Wed Aug 12 2020

The version is now available for download with bug-fixes. Do not uninstall the existing version to keep your data intact. On Popular demand, it has been decided to continue this Free Version until A new paid version is available, which is planned for release by Septamber 2020. Natal as well as Transit Cuspal & Planetary details upto 5 level Sub-Lords have also been included in this version for accuracy beyond Prana Lord.