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Important Announcement

Dear Valuable KPStarOne users, it gives me immense pleasure to inform you that finally the KPStarOne Classic is ready to be released on 26th November 2020. To enable convenient payment, a payment link shall be made available soon on this website for the esteemed users along with details of inaugural offer.


KPStarOne, was created in 1988, has completed more than 12 years of its presence on this website in public domain, providing high quality and feature rich software Absolutely FREE to the astrological fraternity. There had been continual improvement in the KPStarOne during these years with the active and wholehearted support from all of you and valuable suggestions received from many of my learned astrologer friends.

However, many of your suggestions could not be incorporated into the software due to my preoccupation with service. Since I am now able to devote my full time concentrating on qualitative improvement of the development of KPStarOne software. I therefore seek your continued support in this endeavour.

To enhance the service quality, many processes are being re-designed/ automated. The KPStarOne Software Installation processes and Activation have been integrated now. No pre-installer shall be required now and at the time of Installation, a computer activation request shall be generated by the software. You shall be able to use the software once activation is completed at backend.

The KPStarOne is already known for the most accurate astrology program for very accurate planetary positions and houses.


Attention!!! Dear Valuable KPStarone lovers, we are sorry to inform you that the services of downloading, support and Activation for FREE Version of KPStarone shall remain suspended due to unavoidable circumstances. Kindly extend your cooperation.

The support for the purchase of EPS StarSoft software will be available. You can contact: 9043419466.