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डॉ G.K.Adith Kasinath (ईपीएस प्रणाली के संस्थापक) द्वारा मुफ्त ई-पुस्तक के साथ ज्योतिष के ईपीएस प्रणाली सीखें अब हिंदी में.

हिंदी में ईबुक डाउनलोड करने के लिए यहां क्लिक करें.



What is EPS System?



EPS is the abbreviation of “Extended Planetary Significations System”.


EPS System was developed by Dr.G.K.Adith Kasinath the follower of KP system for decades.

Fascinated with the great work of Guruji Shri KSK, he has started his astrology career as a KP astrologer and also researcher. He developed this EPS System after many years of research and study on the logical errors, setbacks, failures in predictions especially in natal charts in the prevailing systems following the stellar astrology. Each system has got its uniqueness and also own limitations. But each system has got its set-backs also. He found the method of finding the significators and analysis is found to be incomplete in many systems.


The great astrologers with their own knowledge on many astrological subjects and experiences could give accurate predictions with their system. But all the followers of those system could not give the similar predictions. When it is called as a system, it has to give similar result for all the followers. But it is not so in many of the systems. Having got such failures, Dr.G.K.Adith Kasinath started investigating the reasons for the failures logically by research and in depth study. And he has developed a unique system called “EPS System” where in all the important factors and elements of Vedic system, KP system and Interlink system are followed and importantly additional principles and theories that are missing in the other systems are included in the EPS System. So all the astrologers who study the EPS system well and follow its rules, theories and method of analysis should give similar results. This is motto of the founder of this unique system to enable for the astrologers to serve to the society with proper and accurate guidance.


In this EPS system a planet’s complete significations can be found which will be more useful for proper interpretation and accurate predictions.


It is a comprehensive system consisting all the important factors followed in other systems along with its own unique principles and method of analysis. As there are many factors and calculations are involved, they have been incorporated and developed in a software in association with KPStarone. The 1st software was released in 2016 by the name “KPStarone-EPS System system”. It got many updates with unique features in these years. Now its name is modified to “EPS AstroSoft” and released with Basic and Advance version.


The founder is guaranteeing that the astrologers with good knowledge in Vedic system can give the most accurate predictions by learning EPS System with their added knowledge in Vedic system. And the followers of KP system can easily learn the system.


The founder has already released EBook on EPS system of astrology in English for free for the benefits. And he is going to release a new EBook with complete theory and practical application in an updated and simplified manner.


He is also conducting online classes where in the students can directly learn the EPS system from the founder and the classes will be conducted with the explanations and analysis using the EPS AstroSoft software. So the students also learn the system in a proper way and also the usage of the EPS software. Each student will be given importance online with live video session.


Please find below the comparison between EPS and other systems for your easy understanding.








Main Houses signified by a planet

Owner of a house

Occupant of a house

Owner of a cusp and Occupant of a house mainly.

Cuspal sublordship considered if sublord is untenanted. (inconsistently followed)

No cuspal starlordship considered

Only cuspal sublordship.

No cuspal lord,

No occupying house and No cuspal starlordship considered

Cuspal lord,

Cuspal starlord

Cuspal sublord and

Occupant of a house.

All are considered



Not considered

Not considered

Considered as support

Sign exchange


Not considered

Not considered

Considered as support


All planets within a sign are considered as Conjoined


Some follow within sign, within an orb or within a house. No consistent application

No Conjunction considered

All planets within a sign are considered as supports through conjunction


Considered following Vedic aspects

Considered. Some follow Vedic aspect and some. Western aspects. No consistent application

No Aspects considered

Considered as supports following Vedic aspects (sign to sign).

No aspect for Rahu / Ketu.

Indirect connections

Not Considered

Not considered

Not Considered

Considered as supports. If a planet is connected to other planet indirectly and gets its support to some extent.

Rahu Ketu special impact


Considered. Rahu Ketu will act as their signlord and not vice versa

Not considered

Considered. Rahu Ketu will represent their signlord and also Vice versa.



Its starlord


Its starlord

Sublord and some consider

Starlord of the sublord


Its starlord and



Its starlord

Starlord of the starlord


Starlord of the sublord.

Importance to the Planet as source


Not much given.

More Importance given to sublord than the starlord. Less importance to Planet’s signification

More importance to consolidated output of starlord and sublord

Importance starts from Planet as Source,

Effect as Starlord and its starlord and

Result as Sublord and its starlord

Link between the rulers

Not considered

Not considered

Not considered

Considered as Ruler’s link as an important role

Link within the Dasa, Bukthi and Andhra planets


Not considered majorly

Not considered

Considered under Source-Effect-Result principle and PILT connection plays as an important role. Because of this each planet will not give similar results in its sub period under other planet’s major periods.


The important Advantages of EPS System:

The following are the some of the important advantages of EPS system:

  • EPS comprises of the important parameters of Vedic, KP, Interlink and also its own theory, principles, method of analysis and predictive technique
  • The complete significators of a house and planets are found in EPS.
  • It will consider all the houses signified by a planet so that no significators are not missed.
  • One can find the complete significations of a planet which may not be found through any other system. Due to this some planets may not signify some houses in other system but will be a significator in EPS system. Due to this, in EPS we can find a planet a strong significator for that event where as that planet may not be in the significator’s list.
  • The consolidated result of a planet is found by studying the source, Effect and Result.
  • The unique factor of Ruler’s link and its impact is considered only in EPS system
  • One can find the strength and weakness of a planet for an event easily through EPS system with FAV%,UNF% and also the rank.
  • The DBA selection for an event will be easier through this EPS system.
  • The Source – Effect- Result impact and the PILT connections impact in DBA planets are considered only in EPS System. This is a unique factor in finding the variable reaction of the planets as sub period under other major periods. The special tool exclusively for the PILT connections is present in the software.
  • In the EPS system Software (EPS AstroSoft), the calculations, EPS tables, House grouping tables, Analyser Tables and Quality tables are generated automatically by the software for the selected event. EPS system software is Event based software. The tables will change according to the required event we select. Of course we can also create our own event. Hence EPS software is a user friendly software.
  • EPS AstroSoft will help you with its exclusive calculations on many parameters not found in any other system and will help you analyse a planet’s complete significations with its favorable and unfavorable strength clearly even with strength % and Ranking of planets.
  • EPS AstroSoft has got many features and the snap shot of the features are given in a separate document.
  • We used to come up with periodical updates and additional features for the users to enable them for easy and accurate predictions.