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About KPStarOne

The founder of KPStarOne is Amitabh Srivastav, an engineer by profession with keen interest in astronomy, Computer software and related technologies.

The KPStarOne software was created in 1988 and was put on the Website in November, 2009 for the benefit of Astrologer community. It has completed more than 12 years of its existence in public domain, providing high quality and feature rich software absolutely FREE to the astrological fraternity. There had been continual improvement in the KPStarOne during these years with the active and wholehearted support from all of you and valuable suggestions received from many of my learned astrologer friends.


About EPS Dr. G.K. Adith Kasinath


Dr.G.K.Adith Kasinath is a dedicated follower of KP system from Tamil Nadu. He has founded a new system in the predictive stellar astrology called EPS system (Extended Planetary Significations system) system, with his several years of dedicated research. The EPS System comprises a detailed analysis on the Planetary significations with an unique method of analysis for accurate predictions and timing of events using “Key Planets” technique with EPS and House Grouping Tables based on his new theory called PILT (Planetary Interlink theory).

The EPS Starsoft software is designed in such a way that it will be useful for the astrologers as a great tool to help them on their predictive part. I hope EPS system would be useful for all the astrologers for better accuracy in giving predictions through a detailed and in-depth analysis.


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'EPS® (Extended Planetary Significations) System' is Copyright Registered by Dr.G.K.Adith Kasinath.

KPStarOne, StarOne and EPS AstroSoft software are intellectual property of Amitabh Srivastav. All rights in respect of intellectual copyrights are reserved by the Author.