StarOne SoftCraft

Committed to Excellence through Innovation

Snap Shots of Features of KPStarOne Classic


1. Main Screen

There are 10 choices available to choose from, more shall be added soon. Few sample screens are shown below


  1. The new KP Charts with North-Indian Lagna Chart & Transit chart with significators


  1. The new KP Charts with North-Indian Bhav-Chalit Chart with TransitPlanets in Natal Bhava and significators


  1. All Planets and Cusps details along with KPSignificators on First page

  1. The South-Indian Charts with Navamsa chart and significators


  1. The KP Chart with East-Indian Charts and significators




2. Choice of Charts in Hindi




3. Easy chart Data entry with Auto- DST correction and

Choices of Birth/ Horay / Varsh Kundli (Solar Return)/ Tithi Pravesh(Lunar Return)/ Current Time Charts



3A. Cities databse has 112,235 cities from all over world besides Internet search  for Places


3B. Internet based Precise Location search for using PIN Code/ Zip code or location with similar sounding place spelling

4. Birth Time Adjustment



5. Muhurt Selector



6. Event Finder



7A. List of Horary Numbers from 1-249 To 1 to 1,77,153 (prana level accuracy) with print – shown Sookshma level



7B. In Hindi - List of Horary Numbers from 1-249 To 1 to 1,77,153 (prana level accuracy)



8. Western Aspects Planet to Planet, Planet to Cusp & Natal Planet to Transit Planets



9. Four-Step Significators (Resp. Sunil Gondhalekar ji’s) with Verbose mode



10. Nadi Significators



11. Easy Dasa Navigator with choice to use NorthIndian( MahaDasa-Antardasa …) Or South Indian (Dasa-Bhukti-Antara) style names



12. Lagna Dasa (K. Bhaskaran ji)



13. Accurate Perpetual Panchang (Ephemeris)



14. Cue Cards



15. Ruling Plantes (RPs Change during the day)



16. All Planets Sub-Lord changes


17. Western Astects Transit Planets <-> Natal Planet with Conjunction Orbs settings


18. Western Astects Transit Planets -> Natal Cusp with Aspects Orbs settings

19. Western Astects cascaded windows


20. All Western Astects in one Sceen with Linear Placement (360 deg on straight line) chart for Natal & Transit planets

(This view needs larger monitor/screen to see without scrollong)

21. All Menu Structure Snap shot