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The New KPstarOne updated version 6.7.28 is now available for download

Fri Jan 19 2018

I am thankful to KPStarOne users for their feedback resulting in better software. and in particular to Sh. Sai Sridhar Ji for his Vital Points Module. I am also thankful to Dr. B. Kanagasabai, United Kingdom for his valuable suggestions for implementing Lagna-Dasa module as per Sri K.Bhaskaran ji and also testing them including pointing the bugs. The  bug reported for security file version as well as others related to Windows 10 and Ayanamsa have all been corrected now in this version. The paper saving Idea for dasa printing given by Vikas J Bivalkar was good, the same has been included in the Vimshottari dasa module for One-Page dasa printing. I am also thankful to Sh. P. Ramesh, Hyderabad for his valuable suggestions to include RPs for the day under the Utilities Menu as "Today's RPs Sign-Star-Sublord changes" which was implemented in version 6.7.22.
Please do not uninstall your existing version to keep your Charts data intact.
Although there has been very few bug reports in the previous version 6.7.26, I am thankful to learned users for their continued support in reporting the bugs through numerous emails about non-functioning some features. I am extremely sorry that due to my busy schedule I may not have responded to your emails quickly during the year.

This version of KPstarOne has validity up till December 2019.
We now do not round the D/M/S displayed unless it reaches the next full D/M/S e.g. 22°13’33.76” as 22°13’33” and not as 22°13’34” when choosing DMS format and as 22°13’ when choosing DM format. This is done to avoid confusion in Sub-lords.